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Claiming Your Refund

What Happens When I Appoint You as My Tax Agent?

You’ll get a letter from Inland Revenue saying that you have been linked to us. It’ll state the most current tax year but this doesn’t mean we’ll be processing that year.

By completing a refund application and agreeing to the terms and conditions, you authorise us to be your tax agent to claim refunds on your behalf. We only process claims with Inland Revenue for years in which you’re due a refund.

How Do I Know Whether I’ve Applied for a Tax Year?

Once you’ve applied to get a refund in an applicable tax year, that year will turn orange and “Processing” will appear beneath. All years with “Apply” are still up for grabs.

Why Do I Need You to Be My Tax Agent?

Appointing us as your tax agent lets us access your earnings information from the Inland Revenue e-services website and claim any refunds on your behalf from IR. We will remain as your tax agent until you advise us that you no longer want us to act for you.

For full details, please view our Terms and Conditions.

What’s This “Linking” Business About?

“Linking” is when your IRD number gets linked to Limited as your tax agent. You can only be linked to one tax agent at a time. “Linking” to us will mean any documents related to income tax will be mailed to us, so we can work out whether the correct amount of taxation has been calculated.

How Do I Get You to Claim My Refund for Me?

If your refund application is for a refund we’ll claim it for you (or file it on your behalf to Inland Revenue). You’ll get an email to say you are due a refund.

The bank account Inland Revenue holds for your IRD number will be updated to our client trust account in the name of Trust Account, which is audited by independent professionals.

Your refund is processed into the trust account, then we deposit your refund (less the fee) directly into your bank account. This is safer than posting a cheque. Please ensure your bank details are correct in your profile.

What Happens When You Claim My Refund?

Your tax return report for the tax year is processed and submitted to Inland Revenue. Once they pay your refund into our client trust account (which is fully audited) we deposit your refund (less the filing fee) into your bank account. Please ensure your bank account details are correct so we can pay you faster. Then you get to decide how you’ll spend it.

What Happens If I Don’t Get a Refund?

If it turns out you haven’t overpaid your taxes we’ll email you to let you know. You’ll be able to view your tax return report by logging on to your account. If no refund is due, then your application is complete for that tax year. While you might not get any money, at least you don’t have to pay any fees.

What If I Owe Inland Revenue?

Don’t worry. If you owe tax, you don’t pay — we only calculate how much your refund might be. If our calculation reveals you owe tax, then we don’t submit your claim for processing. If Inland Revenue requires you to file an IR3, this applies even if there is tax to pay. We’ll discuss this with you before filing.

Inland Revenue does assess a small percentage of salary and wage earners each year so there’s still a slim chance you might be assessed (regardless of whether you use our service or not).

In rare instances you might have your refund redirected by Inland Revenue to cover tax that has already been assessed and is overdue, this is usually only for an outstanding student loan or child support payment.

We rely on the information you submit, plus that provided by Inland Revenue. Therefore Limited does not accept any responsibility for the accuracy of the material from which the returns have been prepared.

How Can I Check the Status of My Application?

Log on to your secure account and click the “Check Status” link beneath the tax year you want to view. We’ll send you regular emails along the way to keep you updated. You can follow the links in the email to log on to your account to view your refund status.

How Long Does It Take Before I Find Out If I am Due a Refund?

80% of New Zealand wage and salary earners will receive their refund calculation by email within 10 minutes of completing the process.

If you have a fairly straightforward tax situation and you haven’t received an email from us within 24 hours, check your “bulk email” or “junk email” folders to make sure you computer hasn’t mistaken us for spam. Add “” to your safe list so we go straight to your inbox.

If your situation is a bit more complicated, like you’ve worked for part of the year or you’ve applied for Working for Families credits, it might take a bit longer. See How Long Does It Take? for more details.

Depending on your situation, once you’ve got your refund calculation and you’ve authorised us to claim, you’ll normally receive your refund within 6–10 working days. Note: Inland Revenue releases refunds mid-June, so if you’re claiming for the most-recent tax year, the money will hit your account after this date.

What Tax Types Would You Link on My Behalf If You were My Tax Agent?

Firstly, “linking” you lets us see your taxation details and earnings income. This allows us to calculate whether or not a tax refund is due.

  • Tax type “INC” — If you’re a salary and wage earner, we would link Income type only.
  • Tax type “FAM” — If you’ve told us you have children and want to claim for Working for Families we would link Working for Families type.
  • Tax type “SLS” — If you have a student loan, we would link Student Loan Borrower type.
  • Tax type “GST” or “PAYE” — If you’ve indicated you have “Other Sources” of income, we may have to link any type which might help us determine whether you’re owed an income tax refund, eg GST.

Why Would My Refund Amount Be Reduced from the Calculated Amount?

Inland Revenue can revise your refund amount from that calculated for a number of reasons. Any of the following scenarios may reduce your refund amount in any given tax year:

  • Student loan arrears.
  • Non-custodial parent arrears.
  • Child rebates that have been disallowed.
  • A variation to the child custody or shared care arrangement that is recorded by IR.
  • Other taxation arrears.
  • Partial tax year.
  • Incorrect interest details supplied by you during the application process.
  • Any other private information held by IR that we can’t see.

Inland Revenue can automatically transfer refunds to deduct these arrears. This is beyond our control as it happens once the return has been submitted to IR, but we’ll let you know if this happens.

What Does It Cost to Claim My Refund?

Details of our fees are included in our Terms and Conditions.

If it turns out you’re not owed a refund you won’t have to pay a thing. That’s right: no refund = no fee. So it’s definitely worth getting us to check.

If you are owed a refund, we offer among the lowest commercial rates in New Zealand — an 18% fee (minimum $18, maximum $500).

Fees are automatically deducted from the refund. So while you might get a surprise windfall, you won’t get a surprise bill. If you have not supplied a bank account, then please talk to us about supplying a cheque (there is a charge). There is no charge for ID verification.

You might be charged a $25 fee if your refund requires extra admin. Things like cancellation and re-issue of cheques, bank account errors, overseas bank transactions, or errors in the info you give us.

If Inland Revenue requires a non-refund IR3 to be filed, please refer to our fee structure for pricing.

A $5 unsolicited payment fee applies to any unexpected payments we receive from IR on your behalf.

Why Do You Need My Bank Account Details?

Most importantly it’s so we know where to put your refund money. If you get a refund, your refund amount (less the fee) will be paid direct into your bank account.

It’s also part of confirming your identity and making sure no one else can get their greasy mitts on your refund. You can update your bank details at anytime by logging on to your account.

What If I Already Have a Tax Agent or an Accountant?

If you apply for a refund with us, we’ll become your new tax agent. This means your previous tax agent listed with Inland Revenue will no longer act as your tax agent. That’s why we strongly recommend you contact your accountant before applying for a refund with us.

What If My Tax Agent has Already Applied for a Tax Year?

Then there’s no need to apply for a refund, as your tax has been assessed for the applicable tax year and it can’t be assessed twice.

What Happens If I Don’t Want to Have You Guys as My Tax Agent Once I’ve Got My Refund?

No problem. Just give us a call and we’ll take you off our tax agency client list. Or log on to your account and send us an email asking to be taken off our tax agency client list. You can also contact Inland Revenue and ask them to remove you from our agency client list.

What If I’ve Got a Question About Claiming My Refund That’s Not Covered Here?

Once you’ve created your account, just log on and ask a question by submitting a support request through the online support centre. This lets us track and respond to your requests through your account.

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