Returning Customer?

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Authority to Act

Why is This Needed?

Inland Revenue requires all new clients to agree to the authority to act. It’s just a way of making sure you understand what we’ll do for you and what we can access.

How Do I De-link?

You can de-link by doing one of the following:

  • Contact us directly — we’ll de-link your account from Inland Revenue.
  • Sign up with another agency — they’ll contact IR for you, and de-link you from us when they link you to their agency.
  • Contact IR and let them know you want to de-link.

What Do I Need to Authorise?

Inland Revenue (IR) requires you to acknowledge the following:

  1. I appoint Limited as my tax agent until I terminate the arrangement.
    This can be done by contacting either Limited or Inland Revenue.
  2. I understand Limited will act on my behalf, and access all necessary tax types at IR.
  3. I authorise Limited to obtain all necessary information from IR.
  4. I authorise Limited to make changes to my information held by IR.
  5. I understand all correspondence will be sent to Limited, then forwarded to me.
  6. I understand my refund will be paid to Limited on my behalf, then paid to me.
  7. I authorise Limited to complete, submit and sign any tax returns on my behalf.

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