Returning Customer?

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Creating Your Account

Is My Information Secure?

Absolutely. That’s super-important to us. Any information we get while working for you is subject to strict confidentiality requirements. We won’t disclose that information to other parties without your express consent, except as required by law or to update your records with Inland Revenue.

Why Do You Need My IRD Number?

Your IRD number is a unique number issued to you by Inland Revenue to identify you. Your number will be an 8- or 9-digit number in the range of “10-000-000” to “999-000-000”. We need this number to become your tax agent, to check whether you’re due a tax refund and to create your secure password-protected account.

If you don’t know your IRD number, have a look around to see if you have any letters from Inland Revenue or ask your boss or pay clerk. You can also ring IR.

Why Do You Need My Full Name and Date of Birth?

This is another form of security to help us confirm your identity and create your account.

Why Do You Need My Email Address and Phone Number?

We might need to get in touch so we can get a bit more information to help us determine whether you have a refund. We send regular notifications to your email address so please double-check you’ve given us the right details so we can keep the process as quick and painless as possible. If your contact details change, no worries, just log on to your account to update us so we can keep you in the loop.

Why Do You Need My Address Details?

This is just extra backup for those rare instances where people have a really bad day and supplied us the wrong email and phone number.

Why Do You Need My Photo ID?

This requirement was brought in by Inland Revenue on 1 January 2010 to reduce the risk of fraud. We can’t proceed with claiming your refund until we check either your driver licence, firearms licence or passport. If you don’t have any of these forms of ID, give us a call and we’ll give you the run-down on other options.

What If My Personal Details Change?

It’s important to update your personal details so we can keep in touch and let you know what stage your refund is at. You can alter your personal details at anytime. Just log on to your account and go to the “Edit Account” page.

What If I Forget My Password?

No big drama. Just go to the top of the page and click “Recover Password”. We’ll send a new password to the email address you supplied.

What If I Keep Ending Up at the “Log On” Page?

If your web browser continually returns to the “Log On” page when you try to open pages like “Apply Now”, then it probably has cookies disabled.

There are online resource on how to enable cookies. You can also call us for help over the phone, or you could try logging on with a different device.

What Can I Use My Account For?

You can use your account to apply for a refund, authorise us to claim any refunds you may be due, check the status of your refunds and fire any questions through to our online support centre.

What If I’ve Got a Question About My Account That’s Not Covered Here?

Once you’ve created your account, just log on and ask a question by submitting a support request through the “Support Centre” page. This lets us track and respond to your requests through your account.

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